Lifetime movie predicts the future, I will accept no other explanation

Damn it Lifetime, when I watch a made-for-TV movie, I expect authenticity. If you missed Rob Lowe’s performance as Drew Peterson in “Drew Peterson: Untouchable”, you missed a piece of cinematic history.

What caused me to pause the movie to rant (and annoy my wife), was the scene after his third wife’s body was found. Drew is playing basketball with his kids in the driveway. His youngest son is wearing a Derrick Rose jersey. Come on Lifetime! His third wife was killed in 2004. Derrick Rose was drafted by the Bulls in 2008. Rose was a high school freshman in 2004. The only explanation? Peterson’s son was a sports psychic!

He struck again later in the movie, wearing a Marian Hossa Blackhawks jersey, but I couldn’t find a screencap of that. Theo Epstein needs to get in touch with that kid yesterday.


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