A Model. Idiot.

Fashion model and fashion website editor Lauren Scruggs stepped into the path of a spinning airplane propeller. There’s no real way to polish that turd. Friends say she may have been waving to the pilot for a job well done. Instead, she lost her left hand and possibly her eye. Let’s recap, this idiot WALKED INTO A SPINNING PROPELLER. Those things aren’t exactly subtle.

In lieu of any actual footage, I obtained an artist’s rendering of what happened. And by “I obtained”, of course I mean “I spent 4 minutes in MS Paint”.


I’m not sure why she was flying in a lemon with no back tires, or why the lemon appears to still be in flight.

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3 Responses to A Model. Idiot.

  1. Sharonlynn says:

    Oh Jesus Christ, ROTFLMAO!! I am so sorry to laugh about this but it’s funny.

  2. Sharonlynn says:

    I’m not certain but isn’t she also the same model who couldn’t locate the U.S. on a world map? Could be very wrong but if I am, well, than I’ll be shocked. lol. Love The Art. rotflmao, again, rotflmao.

    • Brandon says:

      I don’t think it is. The US/World Map girl was Miss Teen South Carolina. I think this dipshit is from Texas. However, TOTALLY sounds like something Miss Teen South Carolina would do!

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