ROTUcast Episode 4: The One With a Million Alarms (w/ guest Danger Guerrero)

Okay, maybe there were only 4 or 5 alarms going off, and four of which were my cell phones.  Shakey and I are joined once again by Danger Guerrero of Steel Clink Alcatraz and Warming Glow to discuss Shakey’s beef with Short Round, Danger’s adventures in babysitting, the Cliff Lee signing, Shakey’s problem with the Ninja Turtles, and Danger’s potential lawyer shtick.

Oh, and happy birthday to Shakey and his neglected mother.

Caution:  This episode has some NSFW language.  I would have edited it out, but The Sing Off was on.  Don’t judge me.

Runtime:  57:01

Click here for mp3

Click link below for embedded player…

I also want to direct some attention to a wonderful music video crafted by Danger.  Work it, girl.

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