Week 14 NFL Picks

Due to overwhelming laziness, here are some half-assed NFL picks for week 14.

Colts 30, Titans 28  –  I put this post up too late to catch the Thursday game.  Ah well.  Indy was my suicide pick in the KSK Pool this week.  Still alive!

Bengals at Steelers(-9)

Cincinnati has lost 9 games in a row.  Pittsburgh will make it 10.  The ghost of Carson Palmer kept it close last week against the Saints, I see him doing the same against the Steelers.

ROTU pick:  Cincinnati Bengals


Browns at Bills (no line)

The good news for Browns fans is that Colt McCoy lost the ankle boot and has started practicing again.  The bad news, more Jake Delhomme in week 14.  The only person that will stop Peyton Hillis this week is Browns’ OC Brian Daboll.

ROTU pick:  Cleveland Browns

Buccaneers (-3) at Redskins

Albert Haynsworth has been suspended for the remaining four games of the season, leaving London Fletcher and LaRon Landry as the only two defensive threats on the field.  LaGarrette Blount should be able to punch his way through the defense.  Eh?  See what I did there?

ROTU pick:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Falcons (-7.5) at Panthers

This spread could be 40 and I’d still take Atlanta.  That said, I’m sure they’ll lose.

ROTU pick:  Atlanta Falcons


Giants at Vikings (no line)

Brett Favre and Tavaris Jackson may be able to through a combined 12 interceptions and win against the Bills but it won’t work against the Giants.

ROTU pick:  New York Giants


Raiders at Jaguars (-4)

Oakland’s decent to Earth sure has been fun to watch.  Remember when Jack Del Rio was on the hot seat?  That was fun, too.  I’ll be surprised if there are as many TV viewers as people in the stadium.

ROTU pick:  Jacksonville Jaguars


Packers (-7) at Lions

Only 7?  Does Aaron Rodgers have cancer and the only ones who know it are Vegas odds makers?

ROTU pick:  Green Bay Packers

Rams at Saints (-9)

Saints start their playoff push and will destroy St. Louis.

ROTU pick:  New Orleans Saints


Seahawks at 49ers (-5.5)

Alex Smith + no Frank Gore = No freaking chance for San Francisco.  Disappointed Troy Smith got yanked.  He was handed chicken sh*t and gave back less smelly chicken sh*t, can’t really fault him.

ROTU pick:  Seattle Seahawks


Patriots (-3) at Bears

This game will determine if the Bears are for real.  SPOILER ALERT:  They’re not.

ROTU pick:  New England Patriots


Chiefs at Chargers (no line)

Matt Cassel is questionable after surgery on his appendix.  No Matt Cassel means no Kansas City victory.

ROTU pick:  San Diego Chargers


Broncos (-4) at Cardinals

Denver firing Josh McDaniels is the best thing that could have happened for me and my fellow Kyle Orton owners.  No more ball hawking by Tim Tebow.  I look for Orton and Moreno to explode on the stat sheet.  Rookie John Skelton is starting under center for Arizona.  This won’t end well.

ROTU pick:  Denver Broncos


Dolphins at Jets (-6)

The Jets were embarrassed on Monday night last week.  They will take it out on Miami and win by 2000.

ROTU pick:  New York Jets


Eagles (-3.5) at Cowboys

Losing Dez Bryant will hurt Dallas more than they care to admit.  I’ll take Vickadelphia to win going away.

ROTU pick:  Philadelphia Eagles


Ravens (-3) at Texans

Baltimore’s offense has really been disappointing considering who they have on their roster.  Houston is fighting for their playoff lives.  Don’t know why, but I’m liking the Texans in this one.

ROTU pick:  Houston Texans


ROTU Record

Week 13:  10-6-0

Overall: 96-88-7

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