Week 9: Old Timey Picks

It’s time for the OLD TIMEY NFL PICKS for Week 9!

First up, Cowboys at Packers (-7.5).  Dallas has been behind the grind this year at a lowly 1 and 6 record.  With rubber sock Tony Romo injured, they will again turn to Jon Kitna to save their season and unless you’re in church, you should never look to Kitna for salvation.  Green Bay got their meat hooks into Jets last week and have the momentum.  We will give Green Bay the victory at home and predict that the Cowboys’ butter and egg man, Jerry Jones, will make like Demi Lovato on the sidelines for all to see.

Our pick:  Green Bay Packers


Next up, Chiefs at Raiders (-2.5).  Kansas City and Oakland have been two of the most surprising teams in the league through the first half of the year.  Oakland has outscored their opponents 92 to 17 in their last two games.  Kansas City’s running game has been berries all season and their defense has kept teams honest.  Oakland’s improbable run can’t last forever.  We’ll take Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones of Kansas City to punch the Raiders D in the classified ads and win in this affair.

Our pick:  Kansas City Chiefs


Next, Chargers (-3) at Texans.  San Diego is coming off a big win against Tennessee last week, but have yet to claim victory on the road.  This week they head into Houston to face the Texans’ explosive offense that has been dillinger.  Despite being 3 and 5, the Chargers have the top offense and defense in the league.  Houston needs this win to keep pace in the AFC South.  We see San Diego getting out from under the skids and earning their first road win of the season.

Our pick:  San Diego Chargers


Finally, the top two teams in the NFC South collide as the Buccaneers travel to Atlanta (-8.5) to play Matt Ryan and the Falcons.  Bucs big cheese Raheem Morris has been bumping gums about his team being the best in the NFC.  We’ll see if he knows his onions but we call baloney.  We see Atlanta providing the sockdollinger and earning the home win but not cover the spread.

Our pick:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Sunday , Nov. 07

Bears (-3) at Bills

After taking the last two games to overtime against good teams and giving my suicide pool picks heart attacks in the process, this will be the week the Bills pick up their first win of the year.  Cutler can make any defense look adept.

Our pick:  Buffalo Bills


Patriots (-4.5) at Browns

I’m really liking Peyton Hillis against the Patriots front 7, I just don’t like the Browns passing attack against the Pat’s secondary.

Our pick:  New England Patriots


Cardinals at Vikings (-8)

The lynch mob of Vikings fans will continue to pound on Ziggy Wolf’s door.

Our pick:  Arizona Cardinals


Dolphins at Ravens (-5.5)

Never been a fan of Chad Henne going back to his Michigan days, don’t like him in this one either.

Our pick:  Baltimore Ravens


Saints (-6.5) at Panthers

New Orleans is coming off a Halloween win against Pittsburgh.  If they can avoid this trap game, I see the Saints rolling.  This is my suicide pool this week.

Our pick:  New Orleans Saints


Jets (-4) at Lions

The Jets are looking to avenge a shutout against Green Bay and will take it out on Detroit.  Stafford won’t have such an easy time this week against Rex Ryan’s blitz scheme.

Our pick:  New York Jets


Giants (-7) at Seahawks

Word out of Seattle is that Hasselbeck is out and Charlie Whitehurst is in.  The Seahawks running game was non-existent last week and won’t be against the Giants front 7 or 8.

Our pick:  New York Giants


Colts at Eagles (-3)

This marks Mike Vick’s return to the starting line up and while I like his chances against the Colts defense, I just can’t give them the win in this one.  Peyton is still being Peyton.

Our pick:  Indianapolis Colts


Monday , Nov. 08

Steelers (-5) at Bengals

Carson Palmer is the most schizophrenic quarterback in the league; four touchdowns one week, four interceptions the next.  He is incapable of putting together two stellar games in a row.  Big Ben should have a big day against a highly overrated Bengals defense.  Start warming up that arm, Jordan Palmer.

Our pick:  Pittsburgh Steelers


Thanks for listening to the Week 9 Old Timey Picks.  You’re all aces!

REDKiX record

Week 8:  7-6-0

Overall:  55-57-5

Episode 55 of House of Punte podcast feature these very Old Timey picks as voiced by Phil Raintree (of Whiskey and Car Keys).  [Link coming, maybe]

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