Childress Leaning Towards Ending The Streak

Wheelchair Favre

ESPN is reporting Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress is leaning towards starting Tavaris Jackson on Sunday against the Patriots, thus ending Brett Favre’s streak of 291 consecutive games played. Favre has gone on record as saying he can go and has told friends that he doesn’t think Childress will let him play.

Asked if he thought he could play at New England, Favre said, “I wouldn’t put anything past me, to be honest with you.”

As everyone knows, Favre’s very public ankle problems started in last year’s NFC Championship game against the Saints. He even released photos of the bruises. Now he’s limping down city streets telling everyone who will listen about his new stress fractures.

Favre Crier

“He’s been a little better every day,” Childress said Thursday. “Whether it’s good enough to play in an NFL football game remains to be seen. Just have to take it a day at a time.”

I’d classify him as a game time decision. I can’t imagine Favre sits and breaks the streak. Besides his records, what does he have left?

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