LeBron Asks “What Should I Do?”


LeBron James took time out from counting his money to film a Nike commercial addressing various concerns about his public image and the things that transpired over the summer. Oh, also he wants you to buy his crappy shoes. Whether directly or as poorly played irony, the spot tries to paint him as a martyr. Is this guy serious? He wants me to feel sorry for him? He’s looking for understanding? A commercial basically saying the equivalent of “F*ck you, deal with it” isn’t going to help garner him any respect from the (non Miami Heat) fans.

James asks…

“Should I admit that I’ve made mistakes?” – Umm, yeah, good place to start.
“Should I tell you how much fun I’ve had?” – Addressing the fans of his local team, fans he played in front of for over 7 years, fans who spent their time and money following his career, would have been a fairly classy way to go.
“Should I really believe I rule my legacy?” – How can he not? He decided to go championship chasing in Miami and punch everyone below the belt on the way out of town. It’s not like he left to play baseball.
“Should I tell you I’m a championship chaser? Did it for the money?” – Again, some honesty would have been nice. How hard is that?
“Should I stop listening to my friends?” – Of course not, it’s always savvy to base business decisions about marketing companies and NBA playing destinations based on the words of the guys you grew up playing freeze tag with. Subsequently, the same people that have a vested interest in the amount of zeroes in the contract.
“Should I try acting?” – Maybe he should start with acting like he gives a sh*t.

LeBron, you can add me to the list of haters you’re keeping your eye on. What should you do? Nothing. Do everything as you are. Continue pantomiming jump shots through crowded hotels. Act like you’re bigger than the game. Do the things that are making your Q rating sink faster your effort in the playoffs. Oh, and tell Delonte I say hi.

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