It’s Crocky-Wock, the (plane crashing) crocodile!

What?  A Roald Dahl reference is over your head?

On August 25th, a small plane was taken down over the Congo, killing 20 of the 21 people on board.  What took the plane down?  Broken engine?  Drunk pilot?  Nope.  Someone snuck aboard a crocodile in a carry on bag.  The croc escaped and sent panicked passengers and stewardesses flight attendants stampeding for the cockpit.  The result was the weight of the plane shifting to the front and sending the L-410 Turbolet nose diving into an unoccupied house in Bandundu.  62 year old Dutch pilot, Danny Philemotte, along with Chris Wilson, his 39-year-old First Officer, lost the fight with the controls.  Despite being the older gentleman, Danny only offered to do his half of the work.

Reports indicate the escaped crocodile survived the crash, only to meet it’s maker at the hands of a machete.  One man survived the ordeal and relayed the information to investigators.

I think speak for everyone when I say that I am TIRED of these monkey father crocs on these monkey father planes!

Report from the UK Telegraph.  Pip pip cheerio!

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