Colts Have a New Drunk Idiot Kicker

McAfee canal
The punter for the Indianapolis Colts, Pat McAfee, was arrested at 5:00AM Wednesday morning for public intoxication in a neighborhood canal. Pat had a BAC of 0.15, and while there is no law on the books for intoxication limits for public waterways, McAfee does appear to be in violation of the Indiana law stating “baths may not be taken between the months of October and March.” (DumbLaws) Police were alerted after a woman called 911 reporting a wet, shirtless man stumbling towards her vehicle at a red light.

The money quote comes to us from The Daily Caller

Officers asked McAfee if he had been swimming in the canal and he said “I am not sure,” according to a police report. They asked him how he got wet and he said it had been raining, then told officers that his shirt was “in the water.”

Police asked McAfee how much he had to drink.

“A lot cause I am drunk,” McAfee said, according to the report.

The Colts are investigating the matter. No word yet on pending team or league suspension so there’s no need to check your fantasy league waiver wire for a new punter just yet. This is the fourth Colts player to be arrested on an alcohol related charge this year, providing further evidence there really isn’t much to do in Indianapolis but get drunk and stumble around.

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