Week 6: Old Timey NFL Picks and Previews

We’re back with the Week 6 Old Timey Spotlight Games!

Chiefs at Texans (-4.5)

Matt Cassell will look to rain pitchforks on a Houston pass defense that has been an off-time jive.  With Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, and Andre Johnson, the Texans have the torpedoes to paint the town red but we expect the Chiefs defense to keep this one close.  The Texans may get the win, but not by the four and a half that Vegas is giving them.

Our pick:  Kansas City Chiefs


Lions at Giants (-10)

The Giants slow start had fans calling to put the skids under Tom Coughlin.  But over the past fortnight, the Giants defense has been sum’ berries and the ground game has improved.  The Lions put up 44 on the Rams last week but expect them to get balled up in Tin Pan Alley.  I’d put an Abe’s Cabe on the G-Men.

Our pick:  New York Giants


Ravens at Patriots (-3)

Joe Flacco has been a real butter and egg man thus far as Baltimore’s offense has been eggs in coffee through the first quarter of the season.  New England’s defense has been left holding the bag.  Tom Brady may be the cat’s pajamas, but this is not a great week to debut the Moss-less air attack.  We’re taking the Raven in this affair.

Our pick:  Baltimore Ravens


Dolphins at Packers (-3.5)

Green Bay is more banged up than Greta Garbo at a juice joint.  There’s a chance that Aaron Rodgers will play but the physical Miami defense will look to fit him a Chicago overcoat.  Those Packers Super Bowl predictions aren’t looking like anything to blow your wig about now.  We’ll take Miami in this one.

Our pick:  Miami Dolphins



Saints (-5) at Buccaneers

Breesus won’t turn the ball over twice at the end of a close game like Carson Palmer did last week.

Our pick:  New Orleans Saints


Seahawks at Bears (-7)

Jay Cutler has been cleared to return to the field.  Pete Carroll has been cleared to return to losing.  The Bears defense is playing like its 2006.

Our pick:  Chicago Bears


Falcons at Eagles (-3)

Somehow, Atlanta is four and one.  Kevin Kolb should get at least one more start before Mike Vick re-enters the conversation.  I see him playing well enough to make Andy Reid look like an idiot with whoever he chooses to start.

Our pick:  Philadelphia Eagles


Browns at Steelers (-13.5)

As a rule, I always bet against spreads of 14 or more.  However, with their first and second string quarterbacks hobbled with high ankle sprains, it’s looking like the Browns will be sending rookie Colt McCoy to the wolves in Pittsburgh.  The Browns defense has kept them in games.  With Big Ben returning, I can’t see them keeping this one close.

Our pick:  Pittsburgh Steelers


Chargers (-8.5) at Rams

I can’t honestly give a Norv Turner team coming off a loss to the Raiders and eight and a half point cushion.

Our pick:  St. Louis Rams


Jets (-3) at Broncos

This will be the Kyle Orton litmus test.  If he can put up 300 yards against this defense, he is the real deal.  Don’t see it happening.

Our pick:  New York Jets


Raiders at 49ers (-6.5)

San Francisco fans are calling for David Carr.  That really says it all.

Our pick:  Oakland Raiders


Cowboys at Vikings (-1.5)

Both teams are a disappointing one and three coming in.  Brett Favre is battling an injured elbow, foot, and ego.  Randy Moss is going to love missing the playoffs.

Our pick:  Dallas Cowboys


Colts (-3) at Redskins

Peyton will find the endzone and find it often against the Redskins defense.  McNabb will find that five dollar bill he’d misplaced in an old pair of pants.

Our pick:  Indianapolis Colts


Monday, Oct. 18

Titans (-3) at Jaguars

Jacksonville let Buffalo get a lead last week and had to rally for the win.  Tennessee won’t let them off the hook like that.

Our pick:  Tennessee Titans


“That’s all for this week folks.  We’ll see you in Week 7.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see a man about a dog.”

REDKiX record

Week 5: 6-8-0

Overall: 34-39-3

Episode 52 of House of Punte podcast feature these very Old Timey picks as voiced by Phil Raintree (of Whiskey and Car Keys).  Listen here!

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