Publicity leading to the delinquency of miners

After being stuck in a collapsed mine shaft in Chile for 68 days, the survivors are going to start being pulled out today.  The petty jealousies and publicity of some over others has really started to cramp everyone’s style.

The AP reports

The feuds and jealousies within families centered on such matters as who got to take part in weekend videoconferences with the miners, who received letters and why — or even who should speak to the media and how much they should be revealing about a family’s interior life.

Some relatives complained about distant kin seeking the international media limelight, giving interviews about trapped miners they barely know.

Then there are those who, despite only distant blood ties to miners, lined up for donated gifts including sexy lingerie, bottles of wine and electronic toys and Halloween costumes for children.

There were even fights over who constitutes a close relative — or even a miner’s preferred conjugal companion.

So Alberto Iturra, the chief of the psychology team advising the trapped men, decided that after each miner rides an escape capsule to daylight, the rescued man will meet with between one and three people whom the miner has personally designated.

Then there is the question of money.

It has already strained relations between families as some seem to be getting more than others, including from some news media, who outnumber the miners’ relations several fold.

I guess that’s what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.

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2 Responses to Publicity leading to the delinquency of miners

  1. Amber Jones says:

    Looks like I just found my Halloween costume. Move over Antoine Dodson – meet: Drunk Chilean Miner Wearing Sexy Lingerie.

  2. Kyle Beaty says:

    So happy that they finally got out!

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