Seriously Adecco? Seriously?!

Cross promotion always sucks. Especially when you’re not affiliated with what you’re cross promoting. In this example of corporate schmuckery, Adecco North America, a staffing company out of NY (that I may or may not have left late last year, credit my awesome timing) has decided to reach out to Conan O’Brien in his search for a new job. How hip and trendy is this Adecco company? They’ve created a Facebook Fan Page for it. Ugh.

And Adecco really thinks that professional recruiting through Facebook is a good idea, I saw the memos. Sure, it’s great for recruiting if you have an opening for a temp position as a Bedazzling Technician and your client wants someone between the ages of 12 and 17 who also likes ponies and The Jonas Brothers. Facebook is probably better for screening OUT candidates than finding them.

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